About Ariel

Hi, I am Ariel.

As an artist, I aspire to bring peace and serenity to others thru artistry, romance, intrigue, whimsy, and my unique photographic vision. I preserve life and the personality of nature in a timeless, inspiring, and often thought-provoking way.

As a mother, Author, Educator, Fine Art Photographer, and Residential Designer. I have a deep passion for beauty and love to travel and see what is not visible. My work includes Nature, Wildlife, Impressionism, Macro, and the infinite world of Botanicals. I do hope all my work gives glory to the one that is the true and greatest artist, the creator, Jehovah.

First, on VERO  - New Image Releases will be released on Vero First. A Social Media Photography app. Join me there.

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If you appreciate what I am trying to do for the world of Fine art and Photography, let me know by buying me a cup of Coffee.  If you know me, you know I love coffee.


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