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Lindsay Herkert

Portrait Photographer, maternity, newborns, families, and branding photos.

Lindsay is fun, motivated, and a double success. Learn how she started her business twice and is now sharing that knowledge and experience with others.

Lindsay Herkert is an available light photographer, obsessed with finding beautiful light to document the daily life of her family. Published and award winning, she has a portrait photography business focusing on maternity, newborns, and families, along with branding photos for business owners. Living most of her life in Southern California, she moved to Austin, Texas about 5 years ago where she built her photography business for a second time. 


She loves the way photography has taught her to see the world in a different way. Even when she's not taking photos with her camera, she's taking them in her mind; looking for and analyzing light, framing subjects, and seeing beauty in the ordinary moments. When she's not taking photos she's either baking cookies or on an outdoor adventure with her family, preferably  snowboarding, wakeboarding, or surfing!

 Stay tuned for more information about her upcoming Systems for Success, A 3-month mastermind Class for the committed portrait photographer who is ready to scale their business to consistent 4 and 5 figure months is launching this fall.

Stand out in your niche, elevate your client experience, get booked out with ideal clients while making *bank*, and have FUN in your business and life.


Release is Black Friday – for the first time Beta testing - Email her for more information on her website

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