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Impression of Light Exhibit - Nov 2022


Nov 12, 2022

Online Exhibit - New Beginning Exhibition 2022

A new ICM and Impressionistic style project. This project is a heart project.

Online Exhibit - New Beginning Exhibition 2022 #3 - Click Here to see

This heart project required extensive self-reflection and personal growth into why I create art and what is important to me artistically. It took me down an unexpected journey of learning and self-discovery. It even allowed me to look into the creative minds or artists I have appreciated for many years, the early impressionist painters. I needed to know why their work touched me to see how it resonates with my current and future work.

Most of all, I hope the series excites you, and the imagery brings you as much joy and peace as it does to me.

This series will be partially released for purchase later this year for a limited time. Details to come. Please subscribe for early-release news.

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