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Beginnings are the other side of the End

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Have you ever noticed that when one door closes, another door opens? When something ends, something new has just begun. This is the cycle of change. When one learns to embrace the inevitable reality that change will happen, we can use our energy to embrace a new beginning.

But as we let go of what ended and start down a new path, this transition stage is filled with a confusing mix of emotions: fear, excitement, pain, and joy.

So how can we use those feelings as energy to push thru and embrace the new?

Fear and excitement are connected. There is the fear that we might fail, the fear that we might fall on our faces. And yet there is excitement in the hope that we might succeed. Or the pure excitement of a new adventure, and we enjoy the new views.

When something ends, there is always some pain and loss. It might be a lost dream, a lost friendship or relationship, or a lost job. The loss has pain connected to it, no matter the loss. But as that door closes and the sun shines again, that is when we find new joy. We begin to explore possibilities. What about this? What if I try that? The ideas flood in. We begin seeing hope for new paths, connections, and journeys.

This year I am on a new path, and it is filled with all these emotions. I am walking down a new path of undiscovered potential. The fears are there. Am I wasting my time? Will I succeed? I have more questions than answers. What is success for me? What does it look like? How do I get there? I could bog myself down with all those thoughts.

But I will not. I can take it for the rest of my life, one bite at a time, one day at a time. I will keep learning, keep working, and keep writing. I will keep casting my net out, and there will be something to catch. There always is. And it might just surprise me. Or take me down another path. Either is ok.

Starting something new can sometimes feel scary. There is always that possibility that we won't succeed at the thing we're trying. But there is also the possibility that we will! And that is the what if I will choose.

Reciting my daughter's kindergarten teacher, “Can't never could do anything, but try always will.”

So, see your fear and pains, shakes their hands. They will be with you as you walk thru life but allow them to be your allies, not your roadblocks. So when a door closes, and something ends, know that something new is about to begin.


Project - My thoughts and Ramblings

A 52-week Introspective Writing Project - Feb 2023

Week 6: Beginnings



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