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Finding Peace is a Quest

Updated: Mar 17

Pursuing Peace is a journey. Amid the chaos in our surroundings, we look for peace. We will search for it and even try to buy it. We desperately look for peace outside of ourselves, in the world around us. Many seek peace through things, careers, social media, and outside approval. All outside forces to find peace.

Peace and Hope -2022

But I have learned peace is an inside job. We have something that no one can rob of us, no matter what is happening around us. Even in sadness, we can be at peace. I find peace in beauty, nature, and learning from the past. I don't just walk in it; I explore.

Recently as I was on a photography expedition, I was out shooting in a magical place filled with the past, Cades Cove in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. With her camera in hand, a woman stopped and asked, "What do you see?"

I replied, "the light."

She looked at me like I was crazy, and disappointingly she walked back into her car and drove off. She was on a different hunt. I thought to myself how fortunate I was. To be able to stand in this incredible place and see the light. This is a gift.

Light shapes our world, our vision, and our artist photography. I can look out my office window and see the light coming thru foliage and re-experience the joy and wonder of a child. Why? Because I am learning to see the Light. Appreciation comes with this vision. A grateful heart is at peace.

Like seeing Light in art, Inner peace is something I have found thru a spiritual quest for understanding and truth. I studied for years to see it. I had obstacles in my path of sight. Inner messages and lies I had to learn to quiet and even throw away. It is worth the effort it takes. This is just one of the Life Lessons I have learned along the way.

The piece above represents me finding peace and light in the darkness that often surrounds us. It will be available in a new series I am releasing soon.

I must share the 2022 Pursue Peace convention you can watch online. For an in-depth spiritual guide to having peace in your life. It is available in parts now.

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