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ICM - and Impressionism

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Dancing Ginger!

This flower was unique but turned too quickly on me to get much, so ..... what to do. Let's play with the colors!

artist Intentional camera movement photo of a Ginger flower that looks like a Dancing Ginger
Dancing Ginger

I think what I love about ICM is the similarity it shares with watercolor; you have to learn to embrace the movement. The water moves the pigments across a paper that drys at varied degrees; colors blend as they merge and often with a measure of unpredictable results. When you work with ICM, you move the pixels like a brush, combining them to form new colors and textures. It is freeing from the tack, sharp, and soothing to my heart!

And I do love an impression!

ICM is the art of moving light and colors across a sensor, like moving pigment across a canvas. The practice of making photographs and art helps us see in new ways. We learn so much more than photography. We open our eyes to the subtleties of the world around us, become more aware, and expand our appreciation for our earth's resources.

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