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Objects, Things, Stuff is it ever enough?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

In 2018-2019, in Florida, my industry crashed and burned, and companies with 50 employees went down to 5. Principle Architects carried the company load since projects had slowed to a crawl. This economic downturn was a learning curve for me. I have been self-employed for almost 24 years as a helper to these professionals and have faced some hard realities.

Enjoy the Simple things in Life.

Long story short, I lost everything by 2009, my livelihood, our house, family, and friends. I even lost hope. A scary place to be. It was a year of losses. But in the loss of things, I grew. In the mud, I found what matters, and it is not things.

In the majority of newer housing developments, homes are designed for cars, and things, not people. We have no time for people because we want bigger homes for more stuff. We need storage buildings for our stuff. In our culture, we place too much importance on things.

After losing it all, I learned the value of living simply. In 2012-2016 when I lived a simple life serving others with even less, I clearly saw the value of people over things. How serving others gives you greater joy than serving yourself. And how the train most of us were on led to nowhere.

In 2018, I was commissioned to write a historical-style pattern book for the city I live in. This led to my first DSLR camera, which led to mirrorless, adventure, and beauty. During Covid, this was a lifesaver since my ability to be with people in a quality setting was limited. And my love for creation was core to my emotional health during these solitary years.

Fast forward to today!

Post Covid, post-hurricane Ian, and Nicole, I find it challenging to get back into my simple life without the chaos of things. We lost a bit more of those things due to flooding. I yearn to sell it all for a small travel trailer, to live simply, experience, and photograph new places. I have wings, but my other half is attached to stuff. So I sit around stuff and broken stuff. I must tell you, life is not about stuff! The one with the biggest toys loses. The pursuit of stuff never makes you happy because it is never enough.

Because things are not what makes us rich.

So the lesson is:

Live your life! Live it as simply as you can.

Love the people you are honored to have in your family and your friendships, and Even More important, value creation and its creator.

But please don't waste your time, money, and energy collecting things!


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A 52-week Introspective Writing Project - Feb 2023

Week 8: Objects



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