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On a Sunday Morning

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Somedays are slow and deliberate, enchanting and rich. This was one of those special memories filled with laughter, challenges, and the earth's riches.

What makes a moment precious varies between us all. But this one Sunday morning, while out with my daughter, a small group from Orlando Camera Club, and our fearless leader Colleen Miniuk, of, She had us stretch ourselves outside our creative comfort boxes. We started the day with observation, single-word lists, and a haiku.

The lesson for us that morning was simple, Think deeper, see more profoundly, and then we can create with more heart and soul.

The Challenge - pick one word out of 50 - Monument. Then write a Haiku. 5,7,5 syllables

My Haiku


Yes, Remember us,

Among this Garden by the lake.

History is alive.


The deeper meaning behind this one shot. I tried many compositions to force the water to show thru for a more literal interpretation. I tried a few lenses and various focal lengths. On the tripod, off the tripod. Everything is in focus, selective focus at a different point. But in the end, what I wanted was for you to see the Memorial of this scene. Someone thought this family was worth making this stone and plaque, and I felt the love and honor they have for this Man, a founder of Winter Park, Florida.

The plaque reads:

"He Does God's Work

And Ever Wisely Sows

Who Makes the Waste to blossom

Like the Rose.

To the creator of the Azaelea Gardens

Leonard J. Hackney

his fellow citizens."

In the foreground are Camellias, which are said to be winter roses. A Queen of the winter flowers, But that is for another day.

The biggest surprise was that my Daughter chose the same one-word prompt out of a different set of 50 words and had a different take on the same scene. That is the beauty of Art we see with our eyes. We create from whatever stage of life we are in. That's what makes it ours. That is what makes our expressions and emotions reveal themselves. I won't win a Prize with this one, but it speaks my voice for that moment. I hope you enjoyed this musing.

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