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The Artist’s Journey - overcoming flatlining.

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Hello! I wanted to share a little of my latest artistic journey gleanings. So I have been working on my creative photography. I had been struggling to find something that resonated with my soul.

Between covid fatigue, and PTSD Kicking into high gear, a by-product of too many zoom meetings. I have been feeling stuck. I was feeling pure meh without creative energy, no passion, and things that should or normally would get me excited.

Well, I took a step back and started reading, which I am not a reader by choice usually. My reading typically consists of Spiritual growth topics. I read the bible every couple of years—a few chapters at a time. Even though creation is usually my muse, I was feeling flat. I thought I was in trouble!

But what can I do... next? Well, I am happy to tell you all that fighting paid off. I have "learned" my way thru it. I took a class on creative project development initially; I had no clear vision of where to take my project. Honestly, just the idea of submitting a project was daunting. So what happened? What changed, and how did I get beyond that flatlined place?

I will share the secret to an artist's fibulator when you feel your artistic heart is flatlining.

It was the very thing I was doing, learning, pushing, beyond the meh. Until I learned something that excited me and then worked it into the project I was doing, it was quite that simple.

Simple no! Easy No, but worth every day of learning and shifting gears to trying something new.

Creativity cycles, just like life. We have waves, ebbs, and flows of energy, so when you feel empty, fill it up with something new.

Read a book, watch a documentary, and try learning something new. disconnect from social media. Just keep looking it only takes one spark to set off a fire. At this junction, I had to put the camera down for a short while to learn to grow another muscle, so I would want to pick it up again with passion.

I ended up with a project I am happy with and an ongoing one that will take on new forms as I journey through life.

Never Give up! Learn more, find inspiration, keep searching, and keep sharing! Yep ...

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