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The Social Media Conundrum

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

(posted in Aug of 2022)

Hello, just a quick note on Social media and a few changes I am making.

So with all the commotion about Instagram, Facebook, never-ending algorithm changes, and the shift to video and reels, I have been looking for an Art and Photography based sharing site. And as you know, there is no end to making social media platforms, so what to do?

You see, I am a Fine Art Photographer, not a videographer. And I don't have a TikTok account for a reason. And my marketing demographics is not to teenagers or teenage wannabe’s. Silly cat videos are fun. But really… IG.

So I have decided to focus on this website site and will share on a few lesser-known social media apps as time goes on. The weaning on IG has begun.

The below is my experience and opinion only. It is nothing more, nothing less. Test these out for yourself and see what fits you and your personal and company needs.


Some Options for those interested in Art and Photography to share and enjoy, and my brief thoughts

Vero 😎






So in conclusion, I will be posting new content on these Photography platforms:

Revised - I removed the app Glass since it is a platform that requires payment. I will not be using that platform.

In this post, I have not included any thoughts on The Marketing Value of any of these sites, and you could say the verdict is still out. Perhaps another day's Work.

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