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Thru the Lens - Lensbaby Edge35

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Oh, this was my first Edge. This one is probably one of my favorites. The 35mm allows you to get up close and personal, which I do like to do when I shoot.

Edge - a slice of focus. 35mm, 50mm, and 80mm

The edges are some of my favorites to use. Available in 3 focal lengths. This optic gives you a slice of focus you can bend, twist and layer for extra fun.

Like all Lensbaby lenses, the effect level varies based on your aperture; the wider you shoot, the more effective. The smaller the aperture, the sharper the lens, and the effect virtually disappears, thus giving you a really sharp lens in a small package.

The only downside to this lens is the lens cap that comes with it, and it has no filter threads. But you can use an extension tube to get even closer. I really hope Lensbaby is working on a redesign for this optic to fix it. It falls off all the time. But nonetheless, I love it.

All Lensbaby lenses are manual focus-only, making them relatively affordable to add to your collection. This optic can be used in any Optic holder, the Composer Pro II, Straight Barrel, or the Spark II.

This series of short videos shows what you see in the camera and the lens effects you get in the camera with little to no post-production work.

Please, let me know if there is a specific optic or lens you would like to see demonstrated. Lensbaby USA.

Disclaimer: I am NOT an ambassador and do not make money off the sales of these products. I think they are fun and worth sharing. But I know a lot of Ambassadors, so if you want to buy one, ask me, and I will hook you up with one. They can usually offer a discount code. That always helps. The company that sells these is Lensbaby. But I will warn you they are addictive.

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