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Vero to Connect or Follow?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

What is the difference? - Plain talk

This is the number one question I receive from Vero users. So I hope to help you decode this.

You have a few choices. You decide to keep it simple or allow the technology to make your life easier.

Let's talk about, Following Group 4:

On Vero! When you follow, you are choosing to see their work but don't interact in a private chat. You can like and comment on a post and feature them, but you cannot directly message them.

You post to all your followers, and all your connections see it.

It is that simple. Most choose to follow users and are happy with that.

But... if you are looking for more conversation, you also have choices.

TIME SAVER, TIP: While preparing to write this blog post I noticed something fun I had not seen. You can have the post also post to your FaceBook account and your Twitter account by clicking the icons. #firstonVero.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^See the Icons

Let's talk. Connections:

One Primary feature of choosing to connect is the ability to direct message them.

But the next more interesting difference is being able to put people in Groups. What is this helpful? To illustrate, on IG, I have several accounts for different audiences. I choose not to share my family vacations on my Business Pages; yes, I have more than one. It sounded like a good idea at the time. But it can be complicated and time-consuming.

So on Vero, you have choices. Only you know what category you place someone in, and all another person sees is you are "connected". You decide who can see what you post by using these different groups.

Group 1: Close Friends

For me, this is my family in IRL (in Real Life). You can tell I don't have any on Vero YET.

But I can now put up Vacation photos, and ONLY those in this level can see or comment on them. If you want to share a picture on a trip with your family only, it will only show up on your family's feed.

Group 2: Friends

You can set up different levels in the next two groups by connecting. Let's say you have special people in your network you wish to get feedback from but you not ready to share the image with the world. This is a great place to share and ask for feedback for them. Or anything else creative you can think of for using this group.

But remember that all highlighted people will see your posts in their feed.

Group 3: Acquaintances

This is one down from the world. It is an excellent place for your friends from IG you like to chat with and connect on a deeper level than follow. Or perhaps your Hub Team members or you have students from a class you teach. Again you can communicate via Chat and isolate what you share by level. Say you only want to share book recommendations with people at this level. The choices are yours; that is the key. There is NO algorithm!!!!!

But again, remember that all highlighted people will see your posts in their feed.

I am sure with creative people, there are many great ways to use these tools to the full, but for now, I hope this helps.

Disclaimer: I am sure some will find less than honorable ways to connect and share ... But you have the choice, and you can disconnect if need be.

When we use Social Media for networking, we need to be safe and smart.

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