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Nancy Rotenberg

Photographer and Author 1946-2011

We can't forget the women that led the way for us today. Nancy Rotenberg is a creative women that has enriched my life and understanding through those she taught personally and the books she wrote. Here are a few quotes that resonate with me.

Nancy Rotenberg 1946-2011

"Nancy Rotenberg had a way of bringing creativity out in even the most humdrum of people. This was her talent. Her unique gift helped hundreds find their voice and their own creative way. This talent, led her to become somewhat of a nature photography guru! Aside from having many "disciples", Nancy was featured in dozens of magazines, led hundreds of workshops, spoke at premiere events, wrote books and was even featured at The Smithsonian. Her images were and are quite phenomenal! But what made her really stand out, was her ability to bring creativity to everything that she did. Despite the fact that her subjects were not "living beings", she found a way to connect to them. She allowed her surroundings to be her guide. Since Nancy's passing in 2011, her work has continued to enlighten and inspire people around the world!" - Google Books (2020) said

She wrote the book called Photography and The Creative Life. This book is worth finding a copy and reading. I found it used online, when I was early in the Podcast development I read this book. Our podcast name was found on page 11, this resonated with me and it was done!

Can you tell where the name developed from?

"Fair warning - There is a dragon that roams the wilderness of creative quests. If left to run amok, they can inhibit the most determined artist. The creative process transforms you, the artist, into a creative warrior - arming you to slay the dragons or at least keep them at bay. empowered with truth, the creative warrior discovers the place where beauty, magic, and fire live. " - Nancy Rotenberg (page 11) 

and here is another piece of her creative advice I appreciated. 

"Embrace only those who operate as muses to uplift your soul - those who spark creativity and fan the flames of your fire. Set the Sacred Art Cows free. Let them graze in someone elses's pasture. Create art that makes your heart sing, regardless of what you preceive anyone might be thinking. If you do not give your feelings a voice, you will push your authentic self so far away that you will forget who you are. The inablity to affirm yourself will keep you like a neglected, caged bird." - Nancy Rotenberg (page 87)

John Barclay one of her students and friends sings her song today, "make images that make your heart sing" he says. Be free

Be free and enjoy your personal creative journey.

Nancy's daughter, in honor of her, maintains a website and you can see what is left of the stock of her books at the below website.

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