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Great Photographers Resources

A growing list of networks, conferences, classes, blogs, and people inspires me. Sharing back to the Photography community with these recommended resources. 

Natures Photographers Network and Magazine

Articles / Classes

Nature Photographers Network and Magazine with Top Notch Articles from experts on various subjects always a delight to read. A great Supportive community.

Various Contributors

LensWork Photography and the Creative Process

Audio and Fine Art Books

Photography and the Creative Process

Brook Jensen

Out of Chicago Photography Conferences

Photography Conferences

Connects passionate photographers together, leading them on destination oriented conferences.

Chris, Smith, Anne Belmont, Jennifer Renwick, Chrissy Donadi and More

Sheography Workshops

Women's Photography Conferences

All-women photography workshops and retreats, A safe, supportive learning environment for exploring and creativity. Small groups.

Colleen Muniuk

Nature Photography Classes

Online Affordable Series of Classes

Some of the best I have taken. in a few hours transcend your knowledge skills.

Nic Stover

Click Pro

A network of photographers pursuing artistic and business development while amplifying the voices of women worldwide.

Click & Company

Hello Storyteller

Educational Community for the Creative Photographer. Hello Creatives is an exclusive group of professional artists; a close & supportive peer circle

Various Contributors

ICM Photo Mag Network

ICM Community / Classes

Intentional Camera Movement ICM is a style of Photography from abstract to impressionist that offer a surreal and calm way to see artists using the camera as the paint Brush. This network connect likeminded photographers and teachers to enhance our work.

Stephanie Johnson

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