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A Photographers Goals

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Why do I love photography, the act of making the images, editing and sharing the works with others?

The Making: Walking in creation for me is like a walk with God. The two are intrinsically connected. So capturing moments and freezing them in an image is precious. I love both landscape and macro. I am deeply fascinated by the small delicate things on our earth.

I have a personal theory that flowers were created just for women, as a gift, to help remind us how God sees us. Unique, beautiful, delicate, resilient, and some of us are a little crazy too. 😉

We learn so much about life observing the world large and small. Have you ever noticed a butterfly can fly with broken wings. What strength that gives to women that have been broken at one point in there lives. This walk with God is deeply therapeutic and personal. Just like the listening to the sounds of the ocean and we can get healed. Seeing Our creator thru his works can give us a deeper purpose and meaning in our little lives.

The editing: this allows me to walk again in thes places and moments in time. To improve my ability to create works so my collectors feel with me thru emotional images.

The Sharing: So for me artistic photography is letting others share in my conversation with the creator himself. Seeing his care and love. Seeing hope, strength and resiliency. Seeing him is what makes us creative and happy.

My photography has two goals?

  1. To help others see the amazing creation and its designers personality.

  2. To give others joy adding beauty into there own spaces, work or homes. To help them stay grounded to this beautiful home.

Another side joy for me is helping others capture their own joy with the camera they have.

Happy seeing!


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