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Inspiring Joy

Updated: Mar 17

Just as start to inspire you to find joy and hope. The beauty reminds me that WE are valued, that the world around us is beautiful and that there is hope.

In Paul’s letter to his friend Timothy, he spoke of a future time, our time. “But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here.” Despite these difficult times. We can find Joy.

Just notice the beauty of a single tulip. It seems to dance and play in the wind. It grows in bunches to help each other stay strong. And it looks to me to be filled with Joy.

Reasons for Joy

1. God Cares for you – Psalm 43:18

2. Jesus Cares for you – Matthew 10:29

5 Principles that can help you become and keep Joy despite challenges.

1. Rely on a higher source of strength. – Basis of Principle Psalm 55:22

2. Give to others that have less than you – Basis of Principle Acts 20:35

3. Be good at heart. maintain a positive attitude. – Basis of Principle Proverbs 15:15

4. Have real friends you can talk to, cry with, and, even more importantly, laugh with. – Basis of Principle Proverbs 17:17

5. Go out and walk, look up at the stars, watch a bird fly, and notice the weeds in the fields. – Basis of Principle Matthew 6:26-30

6. Find and Maintain balance in your life. – Basis of Principle Matthew 6:24

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